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Nadia Hamade-Saad is an Integral Medicine Doctor who specializes in detoxification, acute and chronic disease management, and energy medicine. With over 20 years experience in conventional medicine, Dr. Hamade-Saad has expanded her knowledge in the realm of holistic healing to bridge the gap between mainstream disease management and quantum healing. She is certified in Auriculotherapy which offers a range of benefits in treating chronic medical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, to pain management, allergies and addiction. She also offers services in psychotherapy including marriage counseling and family planning. Dr. Hamade-Saad will help transform your current reality to one of innate healing by enabling you to unlock your limitless potential.

The detoxification process entails kidney, liver, and colon cleanses for conditions ranging from chronic fatigue, depression, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, chronic pain and cancer.
Energy healing involves psychotherapeutic sessions targeting past traumas and emphasizes the importance of emotional release.
Auriculotherapy, also called auricular acupoint pressure or ear stimulation, is a method of diagnosing and treating a wide range of diseases by stimulation of specific acupoints on the external ear.

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