Not Only live, but LIVE up to your greatest potentials.

Wellness Remedys is where Enlightenment is the primary Remedy to attain Wellness.
It is where you are invited to higher awareness.

Fatima Raad believes that wellness is the byproduct of enlightenment.Fatima views her counseling mission as a healing practice that can lead to the deepest healing levels, which comes primarily from knowing who we are and understanding ourselves.

Fatima works as a Certified Holistic Wellness Counselor that takes you in a journey of being your own healer,a more enlightening experience than any other therapy or medicine. She provides both practical guidance and a deeper perception to help others live with harmony. From right food, activity and lifestyle designed uniquely for each body type based on Ayurveda to the right feed of the mind and nourishment of the soul.From self discovery and understanding to internal healing and attaining optimal well being for body, mind and consciousness.
A Journey to help you access your greater healing powers.

Fatima's slogan:" Not ONLY live, but  LIVE up to your greatest potential."

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