Who Am I ?

As all of us, a piece of art created by the greatest artist, the beautiful creator. As everything else in the universe, I am a mixture of dust, water, air and fire, formed in the best form by whom perfected all things. With an additional dimension: the soul, in which the beautiful creator blew from HIS soul in us. My purpose in life is to seek my better version. Every moment is a destination.Natural healing is my passion in life that I'm pursuing. I believe in the body mind spirit complex.I've seen nothing in my life but beauty. Even hardships were shinny lights that freed the butterfly within. My soul loves nature,sunset,the moon, beach,the smell of the soil after the first rain and Rumi poems.Living in our inner world is the best place to be in. This is my true self and all others is what I do in life: Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, Nutritionist, Writer, Public speaker, TV presenter and educator.

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