Program cost: 350$ for 4 sessions. The Rainbow Bundle consists of: Nutritional Therapy Consultations (45 mins each) & behavioral therapy & spiritual counseling & a weekly coaching session . Total time:1 months. Contact anytime for support and guidance. A detailed evaluation assessment is done. Know your unique body temperament/type according to Ayurveda. Get a written complete unique profile that has the specific prescriptions depending on your body temperament /type in the second session and a general dietary and lifestyle guidance for optimal well being in the first session. A detailed detox plan given at the right time .Behavioral guidelines, tools given to conduct changes and Spiritual talks. After that, a follow up session will be conducted each week. Over a total period of 6 months.

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Cost 250$/month

The Rainbow Bundle consists of:  Nutritional Therapy Consultations (45 mins each) + behavioral therapy + detox plan + spiritual counseling + a weekly coaching session.


1- Part One: First session

I name our first session: "An invitation to higher Awareness."

My Goal here is to create a shift in the wellness consciousness and awareness. What you will know about health is different from mainstream knowledge of health.

In the  First session I will conduct for you a complete wellness evaluation.Because holistic emphasizes balance in all areas of your life, I will not only examine your body, and determine your body type, but will take an extensive personal and medical history, including questions about daily diet, lifestyle,working conditions, sleeping patterns,activity level,relationships,stress, mind status and mental health.

In this session you will know your body temperament/type according to Ayurveda and all the aspects in you related to your body type: your psychological profile.

Here, I will offer a written prescription of general dietary and lifestyle recommendations,including daily and seasonal health regimens for optimal well being. This part of counseling is of extreme importance.

2- Part two: Second session

 After  two or three weeks a second session will be conducted, where you receive a written complete unique profile that has the all the specific prescriptions and protocols depending on your body temperament /type. 

Have a look how it looks like: 

It includes: 

  1. Who are you?  Complete Body temperament profile.
  2. Balancing diet 
  3. Your food chart
  4. Daily routine
  5. Body tips
  6. Lifestyle guidance
  7. Mind tips
  8. Aromatherapy
  9. List of incompatible foods

3- Part Three: Detox program

A Detox plan will be conducted at the right time.

Detoxification program is based on food, routine and toxin reducing habits.  A program of internal cleansing at every change of seasons to clear the channels of the body of toxins that may have built up. While cleansing OUT,IN cleanses too.

After the cleansing, you should feel much lighter, more blissful, and more energetic. You may even shed some unwanted pounds.

4- Part Four: Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral guidelines, tools given to conduct changes.

Reprogramming the mind so it can see the light again. Understanding ourselves promotes deepest levels of healing.
Primary aim here is to enhance the person's proper discrimination, intelligence and mental strength.

5- Part Five: Spiritual Talks

It's not a therapy, but rather reminding you of your true nature.

Becoming aware of your true nature and addressing the forces of divinity heals wounds and prevent future traumas.

You'll be better equipped to  exist and transcend the web of negative suffering.

6- Part 6: Follow up

A follow up session will be conducted each week.

Four Nutritional Therapy follow ups and weekly behavioral follow up.

Contact Anytime for support and guidance.

Total program time: 6 months.