Who Am I ?

Who Am I ? 

As all of us, a piece of art created by the greatest artist, the beautiful creator. As everything else in the universe, I am a mixture of dust, water, air and fire, formed in the best form by whom perfected all things. With an additional dimension: the soul, in which the beautiful creator blew from HIS soul in us. I've seen nothing in my life  but beauty. Even hardships were shinny lights that freed the butterfly within. This is my true self and all others is what I do in life.

Natural healing is my passion in life that I'm pursuing. My basic degree is in Nutrition and Dietetics (2006),with an experience in clinical nutrition in hospitals and a private clinic. After a shift in my consciousness, I turned to study Ayurveda ,a 5000 years old Indian medicine. I consider it a treasure of wisdom and an authentic medicine. I graduated in California as Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor. And this has been my profession that I love, where human being is addressed as  whole integrity: body, mind and spirit. Studying Ayurveda freed me from the narrow and incomplete perspective of the western nutrition education.

To me knowledge is like air, I studied things I'm curious about: Cupping, Aromatherapy, Energy healing, Counseling, Behavioral therapy, Food safety, Emotional Intelligence, Neuro-Linguistic Programming ,Sustainable Development, Media & Communication skills  and Self development subjects. The learning journey continues.

I love writing ,this lead to an offspring: a published novel. It is written in Arabic language. The topic of the novel is finding the true love by freeing oneself from attachments.

To me, speaking to people in public is a pleasure, passion, and a duty to enlighten others. That's why I conduct seminars, workshops in different places on different wellness topics.

Media is another interest for me. I've studied courses on media with training on preparing and presenting TV shows. I've hosted many TV shows on different channels and been a guest speaker in many different TV and radio stations.

My days in this life are a tool to fulfill my destiny, where Every moment is a destination. Ultimate destination is reaching perfection, the very perfect version of ourselves. All moments on this beautiful road is enjoyable.

I believe that in order to fulfill my purpose in life I have to have a strong soul and body. Because the body is the house of the soul, the strong body is the foundation and the platform for the soul ascension towards perfection. Here, comes the importance of food and lifestyle to help maintain the health of the body. The body is affected by the condition of the soul too. Here comes self awareness, faith, consciousness and knowledge into the play. That's why taking care of what and how we eat, drink, see, listen, smell is of extreme importance, as we don't just want to live but we want to live up to my greatest potentials.Hence,I believe in the body mind spirit complex where the human being is seen as one entity. Body, mind and spirit affects each other.

My spirit loves nature, sunset,moon,beach,the smell of the soil after the first rain, and Rumi poems. 

Born in Michigan, raised in Lebanon, lived in the Gulf area -Bahrain- for 10 years and currently residing in Irvine, California. All places are beautiful and all are manifestations of the creator's beauty. Each one in a different way. After residing in and visiting many countries, I came up with the following: Living in our inner world is the best place to be in. 

Though all places are unique and beautiful, my heart always longs for my home town Komatieh, a small village in Mount Lebanon. A place where clouds meets the mountains and where the heart flourishes.

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