Relation between Psychological disorders /moral issues and Food:

Some moral behaviors and psychological disorders are primarily due to a nutritional deficiencies or unbalanced body temperament.
In other words, the quality of food, quantity, and its suitability to the temperament of the body, either causes a predominance of a certain temperament or an imbalance, which leads to these diseases.
Most people do not pay any attention to the fact that their psychological and moral illnesses are related to food.
No matter how much a person tries to treat himself psychologically and morally, he will not succeed much without modifying his food.
Therefore, ethics scholars consider balancing the temperament of the body is an essential point in the perfection and ethical path of humans.

- Anger, critisim, nervousness, caused by the predominance of a certain humor in the body.
- Obsession, suspicion, OCD, anxiety, grief laziness are caused by the predominance of another humor.

Even The tendency to sin could have the same reasons.
That's why when the body temperament is balanced through food and lifestyle, the moral issues and psychological disorders can be modified after it.

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