*Who am I ?* 

Answers to such a question varies...

Self knowledge can happen at different levels..

- Knowing one's self by knowing the body: I am (name), age (X) and with such specific body features,ect..

-We can identify ourselves by others: the wife of (X), mother of (Y),daughter of (Z)..

- Identification of ourselves can be mixed with our degrees and careers: I am a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher...

-Or it could be by the sense of belonging to a country, a famous family, religion or a party.

-Self Identification can also happen by possessions: the house, the car,the amount of money in the bank : I am what I own..

- Also, we can realize ourselves by our feelings: happiness, contentment, suffering, grief.. 

Or by our values in life.

Whatever is the way we realize ourselves, and wherever is the level of realization, such above self knowledge is not real. 

All above is a reflection of the False self, which is not really who we are! 

All above are instruments.

And We are more than such "instruments"!

We are a higher REALITY that rests upon an inner consciousness and not on outer instruments.

Living with our False selves and forgetting our true selves creates negative suffering, and is the underlying cause of diseases.

 *The more a person realizes his true self,the more healthy he is.*

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