The flower, the star, the bee, you and I, and everything in the universe, all creatures, not only tiny ones, but in all, there exists a great world.
Every creature in the universe is made up of four elements that constitute its basic building.
For instance, a plant is not a collection of leaves, twigs and roots, but rather that plant and everything in nature is a collection of elements: air, water, fire and earth.
Hence, these four elements made up everything in the universe, and they exist everywhere, in every plant, in every star and in every person.
The plant's root corresponds to the earth; its torso corresponds to water; its branches correspond to air. For it's part, the seed contains all of these four elements, whereby the plant's strength lies.
Thus, the beneficial and effective use of everything in nature is influenced by how well we apprehend and communicate with it.
Everything in nature is not of less but rather a great universe.

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