All creatures created by the Almighty Creator are of high value. They harmonize with each other in the existence; take and give life.
Everything in the green pharmacy, in the nature’s pharmacy, is a divine creature, meaning that it is characterized by a luminosity that does not exist in drugs manufactured in the laboratory.
They are divine creatures, i.e. they carry life's luminous energy derived from the sunlight.
So what is the light? And, what is more beneficial than light to us?
Here lies the strength of what is in nature, what is in the green pharmacy.
Those plants, herbs and food derive their light from the sunlight; a light that penetrates our bodies when we eat them, and heals us from the viciousness of physical, psychological and spiritual illnesses.
Indeed, diseases are nothing but the darkness that blocks the body's outlets through which the soul flows.
That is why the benefits of everything in nature's pharmacy are not only physiological, but emotional, psychological and spiritual benefits.
Let us always remember that the power in the nature's pharmacy is its light.

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