All species of food that humans feed on differ according to their subtlety and purity.We can say each food carries either a subtle luminous energy or a dark energy.For example, pomegranate, grapes, dates and honey are goodly, more subtle and closer to purity and perfection than meat, onions and garlic.  The purity of fruits resembles  the pure world of heaven.
Therefore, it is important to ponder and reflect on all the food of Nature's Pharmacy, as well as how we deal with them.
Looking at the calories in pomegranate, for example, or only its benefits, or what it contains in terms of nutrients, is a short view, because these are only linked to the composition of the physical body. Rather, what should be taken care of and contemplated about, in the first place, is the subtlety of the pomegranate, its purity and its lightness, because it is part of the composition of the subtlety of our soul.
If we deal with everything in the green pharmacy from this angle, we will find that its effectiveness on our body and soul is greater.

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